Indoor play - a whole new way!

Ozobot makes time spent inside count.

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Code to Play.

OzoBlockly Games is learning coding, gamified. Explore these fun games with Ozobot Bit that actually teach you how to program. It’s also a great way to learn how to control Ozobot and begin coding with OzoBlockly.

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Become a master at Play.

Children learn how to channel their ideas into reality, creating private games, secret codes and their very own robotic equations, putting them at the forefront of learning without even realizing it.

Draw and Play.

Control Ozobot with color markers by drawing lines and codes for it to explore. Connecting to the tiny robot like a new friend, kids of all ages will mold their own state of play, one line at a time.

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Digital gets physical.

When playing digital apps with a physical toy, it bridges the gap between the physical and digital realm - creating a whole new world of play.

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Tap and Play.

You can even play interactive games with Ozobot in the web browser of your tablet.

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