Calibrating your Ozobot

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It is important to calibrate Ozobot before each session and/or when you change play surfaces. Calibration helps improve Ozobot’s code and line reading accuracy.

Paper Calibration Steps:

Digital Calibration Steps:

Tip: Paper and digital calibrations are independent procedures and they cannot be used interchangeably. Always calibrate ozobot for the surface type you are using.

Additional tune-up features.

If your Ozobot continues to have issues after calibration, there are additional tune-up features available in our iOS and Android apps. Download and launch either Ozobot or OzoGroove app and go to the TuneUp screen. You will have the option to reset your Ozobot to its factory settings, tune the motors (large iPads only), reset the default speed and access other customization features.

Download Ozobot Apps
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