Pocket-Sized Bots
Infinite Possibilities

Playtime Is Powerful With Evo And Bit

  • Play

    Bring Evo and Bit to life with one button. Evo’s lights, sounds, and sensors respond to you.

  • Create

    Guide your robot through immersive adventures with markers and color codes.

  • Code

    Hack your robot and reach your full creative potential with OzoBlockly programming..

  • Connect

    With Evo, open the app to play games, compete with friends, and explore a whole new world.

Why Kids And Parents Love Ozobot


Color codes are like a secret language for you and your robot, but they’re simple and easy to learn!


Ozobots grow with you, advancing from color codes to OzoBlockly and beyond.


Evo and Bit are small but mighty. Their single inch size makes play possible anytime, anywhere.


These tiny robots have a ton of human fans. Get ideas from our #OzoSquad or share your own creations.


Starting at $54, Ozobots are a breath of fresh air in a swarm of stress-inducing tech price tags.

Decisions, decisions.

  • Ozobot Evo

    A wild world of robot for curious minds who crave new ways to connect, create,
    and go viral.

    Ozobot Evo Product image
    • Ages 8 - 14
    • Color Language
    • OzoBlockly Programming
    • Line Following
    • OzoSkins
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Free Web Activities
    • Remote Control Mode
    • Expressive LEDs
    • Expressive Sounds
    • Bluetooth® Smart
    • iOS + Android App
    • OzoChat + Ozojis
    • Evo Content Hub
    • Marvel Skins + Missions (sold separately)


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  • Ozobot Bit

    Perfect for kids to start learning and loving robots with the stroke of a marker.

    Ozobot Bit Product image
    • Ages 6 - 10
    • Color Language
    • OzoBlockly Programming
    • Line Following
    • OzoSkins
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Free Web Activities
    • Marvel Skins


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